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KaoKhad ViewsTower
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Phuket View
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Open Gate :06.30 - 18.30 hrs.

KaoKhad viewpoint 360 degree

KaoKhad viewpoint 360 degree is located Ao Makham area. This is not a popular viewpoint for both of original Phuket citizens and tourists because it was just established and its location is not in the zone of traveling place of Phuket.If you are looking for cheap hotels in Phuket or want to stay away from the crowd, Ao Makham district is the best place to search for. KoaKhad Viewpoint is commanding a 360 degree view of Phuket. This is a new and interesting traveling place of Phuket. There has a limited time for entry-exit: this is closed at 18:30 pm. There are lots of parking spaces. We must work our legs to reach the tower for seeing clear beautiful views of Phuket island.
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