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Laem Singh Beach
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Phuket Beach
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Laem Singh Beach

Laem Singh Beach is a limited size (not so long beach). It is located in between Surin and Kamala Beaches.The location is as easy to find and you should not miss it.It is approximate 15 minute from Kamala Beach or 10 minute from Surin Beach. There are a couple of tracks down to the beach. The first one, there is a high way signpost. The second one, there are also rock and big trees that sign you the point of the entrance of Laem Singh Beach. From here of both of tracks, you have to walk down by stair and have a shortcut to pass forest to the beach. Leam Sing Beach is am absolutely beautiful beach with crystal clear water and fine white sand. There is a favorite beach of foreign tourist so we always see them enjoy your bathing and sunbathing.

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